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As independent Baptists we cannot control the doctrines or materials put out by other churches. We recommend the following sites but may not indorse everything found there,
nor do we necessarily recommend links from those sites.

  • Baptist Challenge, The
    A long time defender of Baptist doctrine and practice, although weak on the doctrines of grace.
  • Baptist Pillar, The
    This Canadian site is filled with good Baptist articles, but as yet has not come to understand the blessings which are contained in God's free grace.
  • Biographical Sketches
    Here is a site with short biographies on almost two dozen prominent Southern Baptists from the past.
  • Center for Scientific Creation
    Here is a site for information on the debate between Creation and Evolution.
  • Christian Classics
    A collection of "Classics" from Anselm and Bunyan to Whitefield and others. This is a treasure house of good material and some culls.
  • Cyber Hymnal
    You will find over 4,000 hymns from all kinds of backgrounds, complete with verses not found in many church hymnals and full audio. A wonderful site.
  • Dictionary of Theology
    Here is a collection of theological terms from a variety of sources. Very helpful in understanding what others may be saying.
  • Easton's Bible Dictionary
    This is a good dictionary.
  • Evidence from Science
    This general Christian site offers a wealth of material to answer the questions of the athiest.
  • International Bible Encyclopedia
    ISBE is perhaps the foremost Bible encycolpedia available today. It has stood the test of time and has been a blessing to hundreds of thousands of Bible students.
  • King James Bible Page
    Click on the "Articles" button for an abundance of great material.
  • Making of America
    Here is an unbelievable source for 18th and 9th century information . The student will find 8,500 full-length books and manuscripts from Baptist history to geological surverys to poetry and politics. Click on "browse" and look for Owen, Watts, Schaff, Shedd, Mosheim, Menno Simons. The list goes on and on.
  • Plains Baptist Challenger
    Published by the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas, the PBC has for decades published articles defending many aspects of the Truth and pointing out the errors of evil.
  • Pronouncing Bible Names
    Here is a wonderful site that even speaks. If you are unsure how the name of a Biblical character or city is pronounced, go to this site for one expert's opinion.
  • Solid Ground Christian Books
    This is a great source for books on Baptist History and Doctrine. Of course it is difficult to recommend absolutely everything in a site like this, but if you 're selective and like to read, this is a good place to turn.
  • Spurgeon Archives
    Here is the ultimate source for Spurgeon material. Sermons. Articles Anecdotes. Do you want to book a room in the Spurgeon Bedroom? Want pictures of his library?
  • Theologenlixicon
    Calling itself "The Christian Gateway to the Internet," this site is a plethora of information, primarily filled with biographical material on various Christian notables - Baptist and otherwise.

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