Pastor Oldfield

Although he has lived in the United States for much of his life, our pastor, K. David Oldfield was born in Vancouver, Canada. That fact may not be easily discerned, but every once in a while it displays itself in his humor or his general outlook on life.

It was in 1964, as a young man in high school, that he came to the realization of his sin and his need of the Saviour. Raised in Anglican (Episcopal) churches, he grew up with a respect for the Bible but without any idea of its contents. One October evening, while listening to the preaching of a Baptist pastor in Denver, Colorado, he came under deep, Holy Spirit conviction of his desperate spiritual condition. Repenting of his sin and trusting the Lord and His gracious gift of eternal life, the Lord gave this young visitor from Canada a new heart -- and a new life. Soon he was baptized and received into an independent Baptist church in Northglenn, Colorado.

While a freshman in university, Bro. Oldfield felt the Lord's call into the ministry and moved to Springfield, Missouri to attend Bible school. There he got a general understanding of the work of the Lord, but with much of the details yet to be learned. During that time, he married Miss Judy Price and the Oldfield family was duly formed.

Completing Bible school, the real education began. Bro. and Mrs. Oldfield moved to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and then on to Calgary, where they worked with Missionary Ken Johnson. This was a period of spiritual and theological growth, when he came to an understanding of such important doctrines as the sovereignty of God, election and the local church. In 1972, Bro. Oldfield was ordained to the gospel ministry by the authority of Victory Baptist Church, of Wichita Falls, Texas.

After several years in Calgary, Bro. Oldfield was called to pastor the Bible Way Baptist Church in Deming, New Mexico, then in October, 1990, the Lord moved the Oldfields back north, to Post Falls, Idaho.

In addition to the members of Calvary Baptist Church, and now Christian friends in several countries, God has blessed the Oldfields with two children, a son, Kraig, and daughter, Jackie.

As a new Christian, Bro. Oldfield learned a simple chorus, to which after thirty years in the ministry, he still completely agrees: "There is joy in serving Jesus."


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